24 - Horas Hackathon - JumpStart Hacks


Viernes, 29 mayo 2015 (All day) to Sábado, 30 mayo 2015 (All day)


Engine 4, Luchetti Industrial Park Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Come hack with us at the free Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam!


Take your gaming further with Windows 10. Gaming is getting a massive push in Windows 10 with the converging gaming platforms across a broad range of devices including: PCs, tablet, phone and Xbox One. The Windows 10 Game Jam lets you be a part of the future of gaming by supporting multiplayer gaming across devices, tapping into an amazing gaming community, and take advantage of the latest game engines and frameworks from: Unity, Monogames, and Cocos. 

Join us at the hackathon to level up your game developing skills with Microsoft gaming experts. You don't even have to start from scratch.  During the event we'll provide you with free game art, backgrounds, and characters with our Game Starter Kit.  We'll then cut you loose and help you get started on creating the next great game today.

Windows 10 Game Jam Agenda

  • Windows 10 Light-Up Tour: Learn the latest from Microsoft's //Build conference in San Francisco.
  • Game Tools Update: We'll check out what's new in cross-platform game engines and frameworks from: Unity, Monogame, and Cocos2DX.
  • Selling your Game: The new Windows Store gives you the ability to sell your game across PC, phones, and Xbox.  Learn what's new!
  • XBox Live: Learn about Xbox One's premier online service coming to Windows 10.
  • Game Jam: Start a new game project with our free art assets or make your own! Use what you just learned and get coding.

What to bring?

Before you come to the event, please review this blog post and bring your laptop ready to code. Here's what to install:

  • Join the windows insider group to get the windows 10 SDK

  • Do one of these two: 

    1. Install all the pre-requisites (Windows 10, Visual Studio, your middleware) using the Offline install instructions, or

    2. Download the VHD.  VHD is ~50GB and it is spread into 1GB chunks to minimize download failures. Us 7-zip to expand the download.


    This event is brought to you by your local Microsoft office and is free of charge. However, delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation.


    For general event questions please refer to our frequently asked questions page.

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