CambioWebinars Super Resolution Imaging: desde la U de Cambridge para Puerto Rico, En Linea


Jueves, 16 abril 2015 - 9:30am to 10:30am


En Línea

Cambiowebinars is a project that broadcasts live biology seminars to remote audiences in universities in Puerto Rico and individuals via livestream. The speakers  from the University of Cambridge in UK  volunteer their time to disseminate their science. The topics are diverse but  focus on recent discoveries or technology.

Each seminar has a designated contact in Puerto Rico that organizes the audience in a variety of local universities. In the past we have been able to reach audiences in UPRM and RCM-UPR. The seminars are open to the public but crafted specially to researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.

All seminars are at 10:30 am AST (14:30 GMT)

To participate please subscribe to our newsletter using this link, (!contact/ct07). Once subscribed the information of the place, and the livestream link will be provided by email.

Our website, (, provides all information regarding current and past seminars, including a collection of recordings from the previous seminars online.

Cambiowebinar is a non for profit project that aims to increase the scientific conversation in Puerto Rico and to encourage collaborations with Europe.

Please feel free to download here (!current-flyer/crob) the flyer with the schedule of the coming seminars.

The seminar series for this semester includes:

Webinar Line Up

February 5
Accessing Ensembl Genomes
Speaker, Emily Perry
Ensembl Team, Sanger Institute, Wellcome Trust

February 27
Hepatic Organoids
Speaker, Meritxell Huch
Gurdon Institute, Wellcome Trust

March 10
Embryonic Epigenetic Reprogramming in Mouse
Speaker, Jamie Hackett
Gurdon Institute, Wellcome Trust

March 26
1000 Genomes
Speaker, Laura Clarke
1000 Genomes, Sanger Institute, Wellcome Trust

April 16
Super Resolution Imaging
Speaker, Martin Lenz
Cambridge Advance Imaging Center


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