Optics and Photonics Congresses, Rio Grande, PR


Domingo, 14 julio 2013 - 3:00am to Viernes, 19 julio 2013 - 3:00am


Rio Mar Beach Resort, Rio Grande, PuertoRico

Advanced Photonics

14 - 19 July 2013
Rio Mar Beach Resort, Rio Grande, PuertoRico

This Congress is a group of four meetings presenting the latest advances in the state of the art of photonics research and development.

In the Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nano-Photonics (IPR) meeting, world recognized experts will discuss recent advances in photonics devices and integration, nano-photonics and its applications, and also computational photonics and device modeling. These results promise to form the basis of fully functional, integrated circuits for use in advanced networks, interconnects for supercomputers and data centers, and sensors in the near future.

A second meeting (Optical Sensors) will cover the development and use of optical sensor technologies applied to numerous applications. Optical sensors have many applications in R&D, national defense, and commercial markets such as medical diagnostics and process control, and sensors tailored for these applications will be discussed along with their current performance status and deployments.  A new dimension of sensor topics covered this year includes the use of active sources for standoff and proximal detection where optical sources are being developed to enhance the detection capability of these systems by generating a stable background for probing and sensing.

A third meeting entitled Signal Processing in Photonics Communications (SPPCom) will present advances in processing needed in modern communication systems. Topics include the latest results in advanced modulation formats and detection schemes, channel equalization and compensation, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), signal processing for space-division multiplexing, and DSP complexity and power consumption to mention a few areas.

The fourth meeting entitled Photonic Networks and Devices (NETWORKS) will include presentations which outline advanced research that spans new photonic devices and photonic networks to support the future scaling and performance needed by leading edge and future applications, including data centers, cloud infrastructure, video distribution, memory processor and multiprocessor interconnects.

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