The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust: Forward Grantees Symposium San Juan, PR


Sábado, 27 mayo 2017 - 8:00am to 5:00pm


Universidad del Este, Amphitheater Haydee Piñero Buck

A day to showcase our grantees' work and progress, and the impact of the PRSTRT's Research Grants Program in the R&D ecosystem in the island. This year, we will like to showcase the grantees of the 1st cycle of the RFP and the SRGP grantees, in a day full of short talks (15 minutes each) and a panel to discuss the impact of the program.

We welcome grantees, students, postdocs, administrators and potential applicants. This is a very important milestone for the Research Grants Program and the grantees, and we need your support.


The symposium will be at no cost and will include light breakfast and lunch.


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8:00am-8:30am: Registration


8:30am-8:35am: Welcome Remarks


8:30am-8:40am: Research Grant Program Achievements


8:40am-8:55am: Novel inhibitors of the malarial GST protein – from bench to a marketable drug

Adelfa Serrano, PhD (RFP-2015)


8:57am-9:12am: Endocytic Regulation of the Adhesion G protein- coupled receptors (GPCRs), BAI1 and EMR2, during Pediatric Retinoblastoma (Rb) Optic Nerve Invasion

Jacqueline Flores, PhD (RFP-2015)


9:14am-9:29am: Development of a Biosensor Microchip for the Detection of Microorganisms and Cancer Cells at the Point-of-Care

Carlos Cabrera, PhD (RFP-2015)


9:31am-9:46am: Development of EHop-016 as an anti metastatic cancer therapeutic.

Suranganie Dharmawardhane, PhD (RFP-2015)

Represented by: Eliud Hernández, PhD


Break: 9:48am-10:03am

10:05am-10:20am: Development of Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle With Vertical Takeoff or Landing Capabilities for Commercial Civil Markets

Juan Cruz, MS (RFP-2015)


10:22am-10:37am: Inertial sensors development for Space Weather and Planetary Research

Jonathan Friedman, PhD (RFP-2015)

Represented by: Andres Díaz, PhD


10:39am-10:54am: A Scientifically Justified Interface and Sample Reduction System for Powders

Rodolfo Romanach, PhD (RFP-2015)


10:56am-11:11am: Novel Ionic Polymer Nanocomposite Membranes for Advanced Water Purification.

David Suleiman, PhD (RFP-2015)


11:13am-11:28am: Hybrid Mechanical/Electronic Steerable Antenna Array for Beyond Line of Sight Communications for UAS Applications.

Rafael Medina, PhD (RFP-2015)


11:30pm-12:30pm: Lunch


12:30pm-2:05pm: Impact of the Grant Program in the local research ecosystem

Panelist: TBA


2:07pm-2:22pm: Mesenchymal modulation and abundance of active Hh signaling in triple negative breast cancer signaling in triple negative breast cancer

Maribella Domenech, PhD (SRGP-2016)

Represented by: Dr. Wanda L. Torres


2:24pm-2:39pm: Agricultural Lab-on-a-chip device for point-of-care pathogen detection using a disposable microfluidic device and open source tools for optical detection

Pedro Restro, PhD (SRGP-2016)


2:41pm-2:56pm: Osteoinductive integrin-containing biomaterials for bone repair

Jorge Almodovar, PhD (SRGP-2016)


2:58pm-3:13pm: Butterflies for bioprospecting: The use of evolutionary theory to direct drug discovery

Catherine M. Hulshof De La Peña, PhD (SRGP-2016)


Break: 3:15pm-3:30pm


3:32pm-3:47pm: Dimensions of biodiversity in pathogens of Puerto Rican wildlife

Sean Locke, PhD (SRGP-2016)


3:49pm-4:04pm:Polymorphic Control of Small Organic Semiconductor Materials using Thioaromatic-based Self-assembled Monolayers on Gold.

Vilmalí López, PhD (SRGP-2016)


4:06pm-4:21pm: Robustness of developmental trajectories to varying temperatures in a tropical vertebrate

Carla Restrepo, PhD (SRGP-2016)


4:23pm-4:38pm: Development of Purification and Formulation Processes for Manufacturing of Personalized Medication

Torsten Stelzer, PhD (SRGP-2016)


4:40pm-4:55pm: Biocompatible fluorescent graphene oxide quantum dots for cancer biosensing and selective bioimaging.

Lisandro Cunci, PhD (SRGP-2016)


4:55pm-5:00pm: Closing


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