Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference UPR Mayagüez, PR


Viernes, 27 febrero 2015 - 9:00am to 5:00pm


Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto Universitario Mayagüez, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

UMaRch Puerto Rico 2015: Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference
February 27, 2015 to February 27, 2015
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (UPRM)
The deadline for conference registration is February 1, 2015

The first annual UMaRch Conference Puerto Rico is being hosted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (UPRM), on February 27, 2015. We welcome participants from institutes of higher learning and schools from all of the island. It is a one-day conference held the same day that SIDIM XXX, before the later starts. SIDIM XXX also will be host at UPRM in 2015. In this way undergraduate students will have the opportunity to interact with local and visiting faculty. Visiting faculty will have also the opportunity to enroll students for their REUs, undergraduate conferences etc. One of our original motivations was to make the month of March one of mathematical awareness on the island starting with UMaRch, follow by SIDIM and continous locally in all the centers of mathematics in the island.

Conference Overview

UMaRch Conference Puerto Rico is designed specifically for undergraduate students in order to provide them with the opportunity to present their research in a professional environment. As a first step into the academic and professional world, the experience will be valuable for students already considering a degree, graduate studies, or career in mathematics. It will also provide helpful information and inspiration for students still undecided in their area of study.

Students will present 15-minute talks explaining their research, including audience Q&A. All categories of research dealing with solving mathematical problems are encouraged, including original research in pure and applied mathematics, mathematics education, mathematical problems rising from real life (physics, biology, engineering) and even interesting problems from class or independent study. Professional standards of presentations are encouraged, including the use of Beamer-latex and PowerPoint or similar presentation tools.
Students will also benefit from attending talks by invited speakers, who will give useful presentations about research and presentation strategies and techniques. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to interact informally with participating faculty and graduate students, opening doors to conversations about real experiences and expectations in mathematics research.

The deadline for conference registration is February 1, 2015. Participants coming from the furthest points on the island are encouraged to register early. Lunch will be provided for all participants selected. Please see the registration link for further details.

For more information, please contact the conference co-organizers, Dr. Karen Rios-Soto (karen.rios3@upr.edu), Dr. Erwin Suazo (erwin.suazo@upr.edu) and Dr. Pedro Torres (pedro.torres14@upr.edu).

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