Yale Puerto Rican Student Conference


Jueves, 29 marzo 2012 - 8:00pm to Sábado, 31 marzo 2012 - 8:00pm


Yale University, Linsly-Chittenden Hall, 63 High St., New Haven, CT

Esteemed colleagues,

The Yale Puerto Rican Student Association (Despierta Boricua) would like to invite you to the Puerto Rican Student Conference 2012. The conference, the first of its kind, will be held at Yale University from Friday, March 30th until the evening of March 31st.
The three goals of this conference are as follows: to establish a cohesive network of Puerto Rican students in the United States of America and abroad; to foster a constructive academic debate about the most efficient ways in which our archipelago can achieve its full potential; and to discuss social, political, and economic issues of importance in Puerto Rico as well as to formulate a comprehensive development plan for the archipelago.
For the conference, we would like to bring together dedicated undergraduate as well as graduate students from all backgrounds who are interested in Puerto Rico. We invite you to take part in what promises to be an exciting conference at Yale University. You may find more information about the conference and instructions on how to register at
or visit our Facebook page at

The Puerto Rican Student Conference Team

This conference will bring together dedicated undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars from all backgrounds who are interested in the betterment of Puerto Rico. Despierta Boricua would like to address Puerto Rico’s social, political, and economic issues by means of an intellectual debate with the brightest students and their professional counterparts.

The conference itself will be subdivided into three sections concerning social, political and economic issues. The sections will be subdivided into smaller modules in order to address particular concerns in the archipelago as follows:

1.Financial Health & Poverty Alleviation – Dr. Miguel Soto-Class
2.Science in Puerto Rico, The Academia, Industry & Beyond – Dr. Giovanna Guerrero
3.Urban and National Development in Puerto Rico – Dr. Diane Davis
1.The Political Status of Puerto Rico, A Modern Day Issue? – Dr. Efrén Rivera Ramos
2.Cultural Heritage, Literature & The Arts – Dr. Aníbal Gonzalez
3.Racial Issues and Equality – Mr. Pedro Julio Serrano
1.Boricua en la Luna, The Puerto Rican Diaspora – Moderator TBA
2.Education, Constancy & Change – Dr. Antonio García Padilla

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