$1 million prize from Department of Defense for algorithm that IDs organisms from complex jumbles of DNA

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Viernes, 31 mayo 2013

Identify Organisms from a Stream of DNA Sequences

Challenge Overview

This Challenge seeks innovative algorithms to analyze samples that contain mixed segments of genetic sequence from next-generation sequencing instruments and report the identities of each organism represented in the sample and characterization of all non-host organisms.  Technical details and requirements are available in the full description. 

Submissions to the Challenge must include the following: 

  1. A detailed description of the proposed algorithm, and how it addresses each Technical Requirement listed in the Detailed Description of the Challenge.  The project documentation should be include a well-articulated rationale, and be supported by relevant references.
  2. Source code implementing the proposed algorithm.  Include all dependencies, packages, databases, documentation, and information to generate test results by Seeker. 


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