American Physiological Society- Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physiological Genomics-Deadline Jan 16

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Award: $38,500 annual stipend and $3,500 trainee allowance; $40,500 second- year stipend with $3,500 trainee allowance Deadline: January 16 The APS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physiological Genomics has been established in recognition of the fact that many advances in genomics ultimately require a functional understanding in the context of the organism, and special training is needed to conduct this type of research. The ideal candidate is one who has completed outstanding work in a top-flight graduate program (e.g., molecular biology, genetics, etc.) and who has the intention of employing organ system approaches during his/her postdoctoral training. Alternatively, a well-trained graduate in integrative physiology might wish to expand his/her work through the use of molecular biological tools and genomics.