ASCB Visiting Professorship Program - Be a host or a visiting scientist! (June 27)

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Lunes, 27 junio 2016

Ver abajo un oportunidad para profesores en universidades puertorriqueñas (o que sirvan primordialmente minorías) de visitar laboratorios de profesores en universidades enfocadas en investigación que sean miembros del ASCB

The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) announces the ASCB MAC Visiting Professorship Awards Program. The purpose of the awards program, provided through an Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences, is to support professional development of faculty at primarily undergraduate teaching institutions that serve minority students and scientists.

This program will provide support for professional development activities throughout the year including:

  • Per diem support to visit the laboratory of an ASCB member at a research intensive institution for an eight- to ten-week period during the summer of 2016 (up to $12,500)
  • Travel expenses to and from the host laboratory (up to $700)
  • Funds provided to your home institution to be used for continuing professional developmental activities and/or for implementation of training modules in courses taught by the VP during the academic year ($2000).
  • Funds for host scientist to visit the VP’s institution (up to $1000)

For more details and application links for both visiting scientists and their hosts see here:



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