Becas de verano para estudiantes de ciencia e ingeniería interesados en periodismo científico

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Martes, 15 enero 2013

AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program: 

The program seeks to increase communication skills in student scientists as they not only become more adept at describing scientific concepts to the journalism community, but also better equipped to engage the public about the impact of their work. The fellowship places 10 to 15 senior undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate science and engineering students at media sites nationwide to work as summer science reporters for 10 weeks. Past sites have included the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and NPR. An eligible applicant's field of study must be in the natural, physical, health, engineering, computer, or social sciences, or mathematics. Students enrolled in English, journalism, science journalism, or other non-technical fields are not eligible. The fellowship includes a $4,500 stipend, plus travel expenses. Application and more information.



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