Becas y oportunidades de investigación en biología marina en Woods Hole (subgraduados, graduados y postdocs)

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Guest Student Program
WHOI offers an informal internship program in which a limited number of college undergraduates are accepted as Guest Students in our laboratories on a year-round basis. Advanced high school students enrolled in Upper Cape and Island schools may be eligible as guest students also.

Summer Student Fellowship Program
A research project is at the heart of the Summer Student and Minority Fellowship programs. All fellows are expected to work on a project selected in collaboration with their sponsor(s) that will provide meaningful results in one summer's work. Research topics span a broad spectrum of topics throughout WHOI's science departments, and the Woods Hole Field Station of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Undergraduate Fellowships for Minorities
Awarded to minority undergraduates who are enrolled in U.S. colleges or universities who have completed at least one year of undergraduate study and who have academic interests in physical or natural science, mathematics, engineering, or marine policy.

Marine Policy Fellowships
Qualified individuals in the social sciences are invited to apply their training and expertise to the economic, legal and policy issues that arise from use of the world's oceans. The work of MPC scholars integrates law, policy analysis, and statistics with WHOI's basic strengths in ocean sciences.

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Ocean Science and Engineering
Eighteen-month Postdoctoral Scholar awards are offered annually to recipients of new or recent doctorates in the fields of chemistry, engineering, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics, and biology as well as oceanography.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellowships
Graduate students and researchers from a variety of fields who share a common interest in the nonlinear dynamics of rotating, stratified fluids share an intense ten-week research experience, and vigorous discussions of concepts that span different disciplines.

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