Biomedical Seminars at Ponce School of Medicine

Imagen de Wendy I. Pacheco


Please share the following seminars with your colleagues, faculty and/or students. If interested in attending just send me an email at for more information. *>*>*>*>*>*> February 4, 2009 - “The evolvement of neuroHIV – the more things change, the more they stay the same” Dr. Norman Haughey, Assistant Professor Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine *>*>*>*>*>*> February 18, 2009 – “A Molecular Analysis of DNA Transposition” Dr. William S. Reznikoff, Senior Research Scientist, Bay Paul Center, Marine Biological Laboratory *>*>*>*>*>*> March 18, 2009 – “Human Lens Epithelia: Stress Response of K Channels and Electroneutral Cation Chloride Cotransporters” Dr. Peter Lauf, Chair, Chapter Advisory Committee, American Physiological Society *>*>*>*>*>*> Sponsored by PSM's MBRS-RISE program