CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative

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Reclutando puertorriqueñ@s al City University of New York (CUNY) ************************************** Dear Colleagues: Chancellor Matthew Goldstein is making a special effort to attract Puerto Rican/Latino faculty to the 19-college system of the City University of New York. He has established the CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative in order to recruitment outstanding candidates for faculty positions in all disciplines at CUNY, and to work with CUNY colleges to connect candidates to positions open within the CUNY system. Presently there are more than 100 positions open, many of potential interest to Latina/o scholars. If you are entering the academic market this year we urge you to do the following soon: 1) Visit and review the current listing. Several positions have upcoming deadlines. 2) If you have an interest in a specific campus, visit for links to the various colleges and check their job postings. 3) If you pursue a position, be sure to apply directly to the address as announced by CUNY. Do NOT submit your official application to this Initiative. 4) Send us a copy of your application (cover letter and CV) if you would like the Latino Faculty Initiative to help keep track of CUNY’s outreach and recruitment progress. Send to: 5) If you are not presently seeking employment, but would like the Initiative to include your CV in our databank, please send to: If you previously sent your CV and have since updated it please re-send. All personal information is kept in the strictest confidence and no materials are shared with other entities. Sincerely, Dr. Andrés Torres Interim Director CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative http://web.cuny.academics/oaa/initiatives/latinofaculty.html