Grant Proposal Writing & Professional Development Coaching Groups

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Martes, 17 mayo 2016

NRMN-Proposal Preparation Program (P3)


Program Overview: In today's highly competitive funding climate, the importance of strong proposal writing skills cannot be overstated. Investigators must assume that their great research ideas will be competing against a wealth of other great ideas; the proposals that 'rise above' are those that spark an exceptionally high level of enthusiasm in reviewers by presenting compelling arguments for not only the research's methodologic rigor, but also the project's anticipated impact on the field, significance for various stakeholders (patients, researchers, clinicians, investigators in different but related fields), degree of innovation, and alignment with the funding agency's priority areas. All of these proposal features are addressed during coaching sessions within the NRMN-P3 program.


Application deadline: May 17 at midnight CDT

In-person kickoff: July 10-12 (in Minneapolis)

Online sessions: July 7, August 11, 25, September 15, 29, October 13, 27 

In-person mock study session: November 17-18 (in Minneapolis)


Junior Investigators developing an NIH or NIH-style research grant proposal. Apply as a mentee


Senior Investigators with successful NIH research grant track records wishing to coach junior investigators on grantwriting and professional development.  Apply as a coach-in-training