Internados en WHO para estudiantes graduados

Imagen de Giovanna Guerrero-Medina


Deadline: December 1 As the acknowledged leader in global public health issues, WHO is committed to building future leaders in public health. WHO's Internship Programme provides a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight into the work of WHO. Every year a limited number of places for internships are available. To take part in the programme, we look for the following minimum eligibility criteria: * Applicants must be enrolled in a degree programme in a graduate school (second university degree or higher) both at the time of application and during the internship * Applicants pursuing their studies in countries where higher education is not divided into undergraduate and graduate stages must have completed at least three years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent institution towards the completion of a degree. * A minimum of 20 years of age * Possess a first degree in a public health, medical or social field related to the technical work of WHO. * Fluent in the working language of the office of assignment [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]