Invitación a profesores: Compartir oportunidades de investigación para estudiantes interesados

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Viernes, 26 agosto 2022

We are exited to invite you to the Research Showcase to be held from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Monday August 29, 2022 in the Universidad Central del Caribe. This activity aims to present currently active clinical research projects in Puerto Rico that are open to accept medical students. As we are aware of the Covid regulations and the busy schedules, we ask that each researcher send us two power point slides detailing their research project. The first power point should have a description of the research project including the objective, methods and funding if any. On the second slide, we ask that the researcher include how many students they are willing to accept, some contact information students can use to contact them and any special requirements for students interested in working with the reaserch proyect should have. Presentation slides should be sent to Dr. Solianne Martinez at her email no later than Friday August 26, 2022. On the next page, there are some examples for reasearch slides that can be used as reference. If there are any questions regarding the Research Showcase, feel free to contact Dr. Solianne Martinez at her email any time.