Job Position that combines Molecular Biology and Information Technology

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CambridgeSoft, the leader in chemistry and biology software such as ChemDraw, is hiring in Massachusetts. We wanted to make you aware that we are currently searching for talented individuals with both life science and IT experience. CambridgeSoft is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are hiring for the position of Software Development Manager in Molecular Modeling. Details appear below. If you are interested, please respond by email to Please consult our website for additional details at: To apply please email a cover letter and resume to and please be sure to include the Job Code DEV972 in the subject line. In addition to your resume, please include salary details for last two years, and any experience in the chemistry, pharmaceutical, or biotech fields. -------------------------------------- *** Job Code: DEV972 Software Development Manager -- Molecular Modeling *** Description Lead the development team responsible for molecular modeling and visualization software at CambridgeSoft. Products include Chem3D, Bio3D, and the 3D viewer plugin. Chem3D is deployed worldwide at large research and development enterprises, universities, and biotech companies. The candidate must understand the needs of users both in terms of chemical intelligence and user interface, and will be expected to manage the development of new features that improve the user experience for scientists. The candidate must have above-average interpersonal and communication skills. *** Job responsibilities include: * Functional and technical design of new features * Providing time estimates and a schedule for work to be done * Programming for new features and bug fixing * Guidance and review for junior programmers * Working with developers and managers from partner companies * Review and management of the bugs/issues database * Gathering and reporting weekly development status * Answering questions for technical support *** Experience Work experience in the commercial software industry is required¸ including: * 5+ years of programming experience with an object oriented programming language. * Graduate degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, closely related physical science, or similar life science discipline, with a PhD preferred. * Experience with Microsoft technologies such as MFC, OLE, COM, and .NET. is also required. * 3D graphics programming is highly desirable. * The successful candidate will have proven experience in independent development as well as in working in small or large groups. * Significant industry experience is greatly desired, in order to help the candidate understand real-live use cases of the different software packages. -------------------------------------- To apply to the job above, please email a cover letter and resume to and please be sure to include the Job Code in the subject line. For more details, or other job opportunities, click on the link below. CambridgeSoft is an equal opportunity employer. Sincerely, Pat -------------------------------------- Patricia Brooks CambridgeSoft Human Resources Manager Tel +1 617-588-9300 --------------------------------------