Looking for a PhD to give a career talk to graduate students

Imagen de Wendy I. Pacheco


If you, or someone you know, is a PhD (with postdoc) who has been in academia/research as well as the industry, we would like to hear from you! I am looking for PhDs in alternate career paths (other than academia) to offer a seminar about both career tracks/experiences as part of our professional development seminar series for students in a PhD program in biomedical sciences. Should address their role in the position/organization, typical workday, benefits, advantages/disadvantages, how to prepare for a job there, how he/she got started there, etc… On this occasion I am looking for someone in Puerto Rico. Seminar would be at Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Thank you! Wendy I. Pacheco-Rodriguez MBRS-RISE Program Coordinator Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences P.O. Box 7004 Ponce, PR 00732-7004 Tel/Fax: (787) 284-2038 Email: wpacheco@psm.edu, psmrise@psm.edu Web: www.psm.edu/rise