Mensaje para la comunidad científica de biotecnología que apoya a Obama

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Si estan interesados en contribuir a la plataforma científica de la campaña de Obama por favor lean el mensaje incluido abajo. -----Original Message----- Dear Friends and Colleagues, I was very excited to hear that Dr. Alan Russell, my PhD supervisor and close friend, has been asked by the Obama campaign to help identify key issues in biotechnology that are pertinent to us as scientists. These issues are to encompass support for stem cell research, increased funding for basic science and innovation, and job growth in biotechnology-related industries. At this time, Dr. Russell is putting together a list of a diverse group of a few hundred researchers and industrialists to work together in ensuring such issues are paid attention by the campaign. Should the group work effectively towards their cause, the campaign has committed to arranging an event later in the election cycle that will be attended by Senator Obama or another key campaign participant. Already an ad hoc committee is being formed and there have been a number of contacts with representatives from the campaign about an event and other activities. Dr. Russell has asked that I reach out to young researchers that are interested in supporting Senator Obama by actively participating in the group's activities. Dr. Russell and the campaign recognize the potential impact of the energy and enthusiasm of young researchers and has encouraged me to illicit your help. This is an excellent opportunity for those of you, like me, who have never been politically active to play a key role in shaping our country's future at this crucial time. For those of you that share our belief that Senator Obama must be elected as our next president, please join us by completing the enclosed form and returning it to as soon as possible. Any additional questions may also be directed to Best wishes, Joel Kaar Medical Research Council Centre for Protein Engineering MRC Centre, Hills Road Cambridge, CB2 0QH UK Tel: +44(0) 1223 402014 Fax: +44(0) 1223 402140 ************************** Aca abajo hay una versión simple del formulario a llenar. Si quieren el formulario original me pueden mandar un mensaje a mi email de CienciaPR --Giovanna ************************** Biotech for Obama Yes, I want to help elect Barack Obama, and show my support for stem cell research, greater support for science and innovation, and more job growth in the biotech industry. Please add my name to your list of Barack Obama’s Biotech supporters, and keep me posted about upcoming events in my area: Name:_______________________________ Email: _______________________________ Phone:_______________________________ Home Zip Code:________________________ I would be willing to: Volunteer: _________ Contribute to the Campaign: __________ Attend a Biotech Event: ___________ Contribute to a Biotech Support Ad: __________ Other: ______________________________ Please include my friends and colleagues: Name Email Phone