NUEVO! B.S. en Ciencias Espaciales en Morehead, KY

Imagen de Wilson Javier Gonzalez-Espada


Hola: Rieguen la voz sobre este nuevo programa a nivel subgraduado en ciencias espaciales. Es uno de cuatro a nivel de los Estados Unidos. En Kentucky el costo de matricula es relativamente razonable! Wilson --- MSU offers space science degree Morehead State University has joined the ranks of Embry-Riddle, Florida Institute of Technology and City University of New York as the only universities in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in space science. “Without a doubt, the Space Science Center will be the most exciting and influential program in East Kentucky,” said the MSU President. “Space is the future and being able to prepare students for work in this field will be a challenging, but the accomplishment will make others become aware of this campus and its educators.” The curriculum will make a positive impact on the state's economy by preparing students for careers in physics, astrophysics, satellite telecommunications, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science and wireless technology. MSU's Space Science Center was established in January 2001 after a Space Act Agreement was signed with NASA. The Space Science Center will operate a 21 Meter Space Tracking Antenna for research and student training that is expected to come online in December. The Space Science Center will provide a research and educational facility with state-of-the art laboratories for undergraduate students in space science. Space science is an extremely interdisciplinary and technology-intensive discipline that encompasses physics, astrophysics, satellite telecommunications, electrical engineering, mathematics and computer sciences. New degree programs to be offered will include: B.S. in Space Science, and B.S. in Physics with an Area of Concentration in Astrophysics and a Minor in Astronomy. Morehead State University has received significant funding from NASA, the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, National Science Foundation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Additional information may be obtained by calling Dr. Benjamin K. Malphrus, director of the Space Science Center, at (606) 783-2212.