An open letter to the people of puerto Rico concerning fish, sunshine, and prosperity.

Imagen de victor greenberg


This open letter promotes the following agenda: A- For the worlds' shallow water tropical fisheries, incluuding the Caribbean Basin,catching fish without growing them first is not sustainable. B- Puerto Rico, specifically the La Parguera shelf, is the best place in the world to start a new kind of fish production using structures on the sea floor. C- The southeat quadrant of Puerto Rico, including the shelf and the La Jas valley, is the best place in America to conduct solar thermal research. This is not only because of the latitude, but also the number of bright sunny days found there in the rain shadow of the rain forest. D- The shore facility for the fish growing operation can be powered by direct drive from ambient energy. Anyone interested in the full text, about eighty-fivehundred words, is invited to contact me.