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PFIZER POSTDOCTORAL PROGRAM IN NEUROSCIENCE The Pfizer Neuroscience Fellowship Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for young scientists interested in understanding brain disorders and translating knowledge into innovative medicines. We seek motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a demonstrated track record in basic or translational neuroscience interested in pursuing an academic-style post-doc in an industry setting. Successful candidates will come from a range of backgrounds including molecular/cellular biology, protein biochemistry, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, imaging, neurochemistry, systems neuroscience, computational biology, animal models of disease, synapse biology and behavioral/cognitive neuroscience. Postdoctoral positions are available in the following disease areas: Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias Autism and neurodevelopmental disorders Bipolar disorder/Depression Huntington’s disease Parkinson’s disease Schizophrenia Postdoctoral fellows will gain access to the resources, experience and collaborative industrial-academic network available within the Neuroscience Research Unit, conduct independent research, publish high profile papers on cutting edge areas of neuroscience, and attend and present at international scientific meetings. At the same time, postdoctoral fellows will contribute to Pfizer’s commitment to deliver new innovative medicines that effectively treat neurological and psychiatric diseases. Pfizer Neuroscience is currently based in Groton, Connecticut but will be moving to Cambridge, MA in June 2012. All new postdocs will be located in Cambridge, MA. Interested candidates can explore and apply for these competitive positions at Applications are received and reviewed in the spring and fall. The deadline for the spring review is April 1st and for the fall is October 1st.