Posición de postdoc en estudios de cognición en poblaciones minoritarias envejecientes

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Cognition and Aging in African-Americans

Deadline for application to Rutgers: August 15th (We will select a potential candidate on or before September 1, and that candidate will then need to work with us  to submit one or more fellowship applications that are due by Oct 1, 2013, and which then take six months or more to review.  (NOTE: It may be possible to arrange a start date of February, 2014 pending available funding)

Start date:  Summer/fall 2014.

We seek someone who either has a PhD, or will be finishing their PhD in the coming year (by summer 2014) who would be interest in applying this summer (by August, 15, 2013)  for a three-year postdoctoral fellowships to begin in summer or fall of 2014 to work on research projects relating to cognition and aging in African-Americans. The research is based at the Center for Neuroscience at Rutgers University-Newark, within the lab of Mark Gluck, Ph.D., and is part of the university's broader African-American Brain Health Initiative

In partnership with local Newark churches and other community and city organizations, we are combining educational programs on brain health and cognitive vitality in the African-American community with observational and interventional research studies on "Pathways to Healthy Brain Aging in African-Americans" along with studies of neurological disorders (especially Parkinson's disease, Depression, and Alzheimer's disease) in African-American seniors.  For more information, see  http://www.brainhealth.rutgers.edu

Candidates must: 

1. Have a PhD in Psychology, Nursing, Geriatrics, Social Work, or related fields with a strong background in (a) experimental behavioral research, (b) strong writing skills, and (c) statistical data analysis skills (please document all three in your cover letter).  

2. Have prior experience, familiarity, and sensitivity to minority health issues and working with the African-American community. 

3. Be a US Citizen or "green card" holder.

More information on our lab and related research, educational, and global health programs is at http://www.gluck.edu

We are located in downtown Newark, New Jersey, just outside (about 13 miles from) Manhattan/New York City

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: August 15, 2013 (for February or  summer/fall 2014 start date)

Postdoctoral applicants should send a CV and cover letter with overview of their background and career goals, addressing all three criteria noted above, along with names and emails of potential recommenders to gluck@pavlov.rutgers.edu.

NOTE: We also have graduate fellowship lines for incoming PhD students who would be interested in working on this research and community outreach project.  For information on our PhD program and other neuroscience resources at Rutgers-Newark (including our new NSF-funded Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center), see http://www.neuroscience.newark.rutgers.edu



Dr. Mark A. Gluck,  Professor  

Director, Rutgers Memory Disorders Project  

Center for Molecular  and Behavioral Neuroscience

Rutgers University                                

197 University Ave.                                   

Newark, New Jersey  07102                  

Web:  http://www.gluck.edu

Email:  gluck@pavlov.rutgers.edu

Ph:  (973) 353-3298




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