Programa de revisión de solicitudes para estudiantes interesados PhD en Ciencias de Cómputos

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Sábado, 7 noviembre 2020

Motivated by making the PhD applications process more equitable to students with less access to research mentoringthis Fall 2020 the CS@CU PhD Students are launching The Pre-Submission Application Review (PAR) Program. The PAR Program is a pilot pre-submission PhD application review program, whereby current PhD students provide a single-round review of personal statements for students applying to the PhD Program in Computer Science at Columbia University. 

The PAR Program is a student-run volunteer program that provides a review of the personal statement (and resume/cv) by a currently-enrolled Columbia University Computer Science PhD student from the applicant’s research area of interest. The PAR Program has a small pool of volunteer PhD student reviewers, so reviews are provided on a first come/first served basis. Applications are due 11:59pm EST, November 7, 2020 for Fall 2021 admissions. Please go here for more details (search in the page for “PAR”) and submit your application for review in this form.

While we are pleased to invite all students to participate, we particularly welcome students who identify as historically underrepresented populations to apply to the PAR Program. Please forward this announcement on to your network and any potential applicants.


The PAR Student Coordinators (Chris Kedzie and Katy Gero) and PAR Department Coordinator Cynthia Meekins



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