Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust

Imagen de Mariano Garcia-Blanco


To my colleagues in CienciaPR, During the past few months I have received many questions from scientific colleagues and friends, in Puerto Rico and in the US, regarding the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust. While, for reasons explained below, I cannot address many of these questions at the present time, I feel it is important to make the following statements: First, I had, and still have, serious concerns about the decision to remove Mr. Thomas Farb as Executive Director of the Trust. I abstained from voting on this decision because Mr. Farb is a close friend, and therefore there was, and is, a risk of real or perceived conflict of interest. Second, the investigation of Mr. Farb is not over. Until the completion of said investigation neither the Trust nor the Trustees are to make public statements dealing with the substance of the investigation. This has been the reason I have abstained from commenting on the substance of the investigation. Once the process is finished I will address questions the community may have. Third, I stand by previous comments that I have made to the press and to this forum regarding the Trust and Mr. Thomas Farb. Sincerely, Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco Trustee, Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Professor of Medicine Director of the Duke Center for RNA Biology Duke University Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore Adjunct Professor of Microbiology Universidad de Puerto Rico