Research Biotech Job Opening in Mayaguez, PR

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Research Scientist Level I PDHS, a small company in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, seeks a scientist with the following profile: Designs, implements and executes scientific research and development projects in collaboration with collaborators and research advisors. Investigates the feasibility of applying a variety of scientific principles and concepts to potential inventions and products. Demonstrates potential for technical proficiency, scientific creativity, collaboration with others and independent thought. Contributes to scientific literature and conferences. Accurately documents, dates, and archives all methods and data relevant to intellectual property protection, always in a timely manner. Ongoing research at PDHS requires substantial knowledge of state-of-the-art principles and concepts in chemistry and molecular biology, with special emphasis on methods for protein mutagenesis and expression as well as assays of enzymatic activity. Experience with DNA sequencing technology is an asset. The scientist is expected to possess professional competence to solve a wide range of difficult scientific problems in imaginative ways. To achieve this, the scientist will have the support of an expert advisory team regarding project design and implementation. The scientist will oversee correct and timely generation of deliverables in those tasks relegated to independent subcontractors, and will provide scientific guidance and training to junior technical staff. The scientist may represent the organization as prime technical contact on contracts or projects requiring coordination with other groups, and may be asked to present results at company scientific or business board meetings. Masters degree or PhD degree in biochemistry or chemistry preferred. Excellent command of the English language, including well-honed oral presentation skills is an absolute necessity. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Send CV in pdf format, including names and email address of three references Subject line: scientist 1 position To:


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Hi, I am interested in applying for this position; where can I send you my Resume? I will be visiting the island tomorrow (August 9), and will be on vacation through the 16th, when I then return to SC. I am currently working at Clemson University as a Research Associate in the Dept. of Genetics and Biochemistry, jointly with the CU Genomics Institute. I am mainly part of their Physical Mapping Team, processing the DNA for Fingerprinting. You can contact me at Thanks, Maria Delgado