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Sábado, 12 agosto 2017

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are hiring a new Research & Outreach Coordinator at PRISM. This is a College HEO Assistant line which will be reporting to me and Dr. Anthony Carpi. The main responsibilities (among others) are:

  • Outreach to students and the administration at Community Colleges with which we have articulation agreements in science
  • Coordinate activities and events for our Junior Scholars Program, a STEM academic support + prof. development program for STEM students
  • Provide professional development support (one-on-one and group settings) to students in our Undergraduate Research Program
  • Provide administrative support to PRISM and to the S-STEM Scholarship
  • Represent PRISM in various college committees

We are looking for someone with great interpersonal and organizational skills and a strong science background that wants to work directly with students in the higher education side of academia. If you know of someone that might be interested, I am happy to discuss the position with them.

The Job description and application instructions can be found here, under Job ID 17080, and will close on August 12:




Edgardo Sanabria-Valentín, Ph.D.

Associate Program Director - Program for Research Initiatives in Science and Math (PRISM),

Pre-Health Careers Advisor Lead &

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology




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