REU (Investigacion de verano) en el Observatorio de Arecibo

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Hola: Si eres un estudiante universitario en fisica, ingenieria, matematicas o ciencias de computos, solicita: ++++ This announcement was posted recently. Since it is a summer REU, the deadline should be pretty soon. Please forward to all qualified students. +++ REU Student Researcher -- Arecibo Job ID: 101534 Location: Puerto Rico - Arecibo /Arecibo Observatory Job Description: The Arecibo Observatory, under the SRI International management, is interested in hiring talented students to become part of our 2012 Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU 2012). Requirements: Undergraduates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who will be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program (part - or full - time) during Fall 2012 are eligible. We look for students with good math and computing background, as well as, enthusiasm, initiative, and future goals. The most useful computer languages/packages are: IDL, and Matlab, C, C++, plus specialized atmospheric sciences data analysis packages, but there are no specific requirements for the program. Usually, if the student has some experience with computer languages, he/she can learn whatever is necessary for a new language. About This Division: SRI International's Engineering & Systems Group, the institute's largest group, is a multidisciplinary engineering organization dedicated to development and application of operationally effective systems. We perform a variety of engineering research, systems engineering, testing, product development and fielding, and integration services for commercial and government clients worldwide. Clients include the Department of Defense (U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Services), the Department of Transportation, state and local government agencies, and domestic and international commercial companies. The Group is comprised of three divisions: the Engineering Research and Development Division, the Information Systems Division, and the Products and Services Division. For additional information, please visit the Engineering & Systems Group website: Posted here: To apply: