Si vas a SACNAS, considera contribuir como juez

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SACNAS solicita voluntarios para servir de jueces en su competencia de posters y presentaciones este año.

Las instrucciones de participación están abajo. Interesados, favor contactar a Jessica Macias ( para registrarse.

At this year’s SACNAS meeting there will be over 1000 posters and 98 oral presentations. Therefore, more than 250 volunteer judges in all sciences, mathematics and engineering disciplines are needed for undergraduate/graduate students and postdoc presentations. Below I have provided you the informational events that you must attend in order to receive your Judging materials. 

Judging Expectations

Two judges are assigned for each poster presentation. 

Two judges are assigned per oral presentation room where they review 4 graduate student talks.

Judges review 4-6 student posters per day during 2 days of the conference.

Judging Procedures/Receiving Judging Assignments

All judges will receive their daily Judging Packets & Assignments as follows:

  • Judges Orientation for Oral Presentations Room 214 D

o    Thursday, October 3rd2-3 pm

  • Judges Orientation for Poster Presentations (Breakfast included) Room 214 C

o    Friday, October 4th  7:15 - 8:45 am

o    Undergraduate Poster Presentation Session I  Hall C

§  Friday, October 4th  1:30-3:30pm

o    Graduate Oral Presentations Rooms will vary

§  Friday, October 4th  4-6pm

o    Post-doctorate & Graduate Poster Resource Fair Ballroom C

§  Friday, October 4th 4-5:45pm

  • Judges Orientation for Poster Presentations (Breakfast included) Room 214 C

o    Saturday, October 5th 7:15 - 8:45 am

      • Undergraduate Poster Presentation Session I Hall C
    • Saturday, October 5th  9:00-11:00am

Enclosures in each Judging Packet to be distributed onsite at the Conference:

  • Oral/Poster Presentations Judging Forms with assignments (blue perforated sheet)
  • Tally sheets
  • Ranking sheet for Sub-Committee Chairs (orange half-sheet)
  • Exhibit hall poster layout labeled by discipline

 Submitting Completed Judging Forms to the Presentations Committee

Immediately after each presentation session, please complete and submit all of your judging forms in the designated folders to the following booth number:

  • Judges Booth #347 (Exhibit Hall C)

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our program manager Jessica Macias (