Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE)

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Lunes, 31 marzo 2014

        The annual Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) is an intensive four-week enrichment residential summer program for gifted Caribbean high-school students who are interested in studying and exploring careers in science and engineering. The goal is to help address the low numbers of Caribbean students pursuing advanced degrees in science and engineering, and to groom the next generation of science, engineering technology and business leaders in the Region.  Students who gain admission to SPISE are among the top scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the Region.
        SPISE is one of CSF’s initiatives with the long-term goal of helping to diversify the economies of the Region by stimulating more technology-based entrepreneurship within the Region. The program is based at the CSF headquarters, which is located on the Barbados campus of the University of the West Indies.   Key important partners of the SPISE are the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, and the CXC.
SPISE is modeled after the well-known and highly successful MITES program at MIT (  SPISE strives for a balanced class of 50% girls and boys.  SPISE students study university-level calculus, physics, biochemistry, entrepreneurship, Mandarin and humanities (one Caribbean concept). In addition, they undertake hands-on, experimental innovative projects involving robotics, computer programming and electronics. SPISE instructors are university professors and lecturers from the Region and the Diaspora (including MIT). SPISE students are also exposed to and coached by role models from the Diaspora and the Region on career paths and choices, and assisted with their applications to universities and to internship opportunities in research centers in the Region and abroad.

        In 2014, approximately 20 students will participate free of charge, owing to generous support from sponsors. SPISE 2014 will run from July 19 to August 16.  Applicants must be at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years of age on July 1, 2014, and have completed CSEC exams or equivalent in math and science subjects.  Students from low-income households and girls are encouraged to apply. Student, Teaching Assistant and Instructor application forms are posted on the CSF website at Student applications are due on March 31, 2014.  Please be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the Website for further details.
        Sponsors from as many different countries as possible are invited to join in support of the program. Sponsors may opt to designate support for students from specific countries. Each student is branded as a scholar of their sponsor. The cost per student is US$ 6,000 plus round-trip airfare between the student's country and Barbados.  The US$ 6,000 covers student housing, meals, stipends for the instructors and teaching assistants, and partial costs of lab equipment and supplies.  The CSF supplies the sponsors with interim and final updates on the performance of their students and assists the sponsor by providing reports, photos and other materials to showcase their corporate social responsibility.
        Please contact Prof. Cardinal Warde ( or 1-617-699-1281) with your questions about the program and about student sponsorship.



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