UPR budget cut

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The University of Puerto Rico faces a budget cut, because the Government decided to stop a formula that would have given the institution a $37 million increase in next year's budget. This formula is part of the University's "fiscal autonomy". Is this yet another consequence of a highly politicized and bureaucratic system? What is your opinion on this subject?


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I believe this is a normal part of the budget making process, and I am sure happens very often to other public universities. The politicians are under pressure to cut spending and the university probably seems a better target than other agencies. In response, the university President, and eventually faculty, staff, and students, have to argue and lobby for support. What is worrisome is the effect further budget cuts will have on the quality of the education and research activities in the university. What is needed is that those who benefit from the University (and I would argue, *ALL* Puerto Ricans benefit) demonstrate their support. By contacting their representatives in government, by speaking out in favor of the University, and by making donations to their alma mater (a very effective mechanism for transformative change at many higher learning institutions around the world).