U.S. Department of Agriculture's Public Service Leaders

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Public Service Leaders Scholarship (PSLS) Program provides combined scholarship and internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students leading to permanent employment upon completion of their degree.The program is designed to promote public service and create access to higher education. Students selected into the program will receive: * Full-tuition scholarships * Paid internship (minimum 640 hours) leading to permanent employment * Employee benefits Mentoring, career development, and leadership training Use of a personal computer We are currently accepting applications for the 2007 program. You can access the online application at www.usdascholarships.com. Several scholarship opportunities are available in the following majors: Agri-Business, Ag Economics/Management/Marketing, Economics, Business Administration, International Policy, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, adn Marketing. The above list is not a complete listing of majors that qualify for a scholarship. Visit our web site for a current listing of available scholarships. Please note that we are still receiving scholarship announcements and the web site will be updated periodically with new scholarship listings. Scholarships will be offered to students at the sophomore, junior, or Master's level. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to start requesting official documents such as transcripts and letters of recommendation as these documents generally take the most time to process. The application deadline is Friday, April 16, 2007. Please note that we need to have all official documents in our office by this date. Recipients are required to work for the USDA for one year for each year of sponsorship in a guaranteed job upon graduation. If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Penaherrera at (202) 720-6506 or sandra.penaherrera@ars.usda.gov. Thank you! Sandra A. Penaherrera HSI National Student Program Manager U.S. Department of Agriculture Hispanic Serving Institutions National Program (202)720-6506 sandra.penaherrera@ars.usda.gov www.hsi.usda.gov