Iván Vidal González: Fellowship

Iván Vidal González

Prepared by Iván's advisor, Dr. Gregory Quirk

The Ponce School of Medicine was founded in 1977 in order to provide training opportunities in medicine and biomedical sciences to students in southern Puerto Rico. The Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences was accredited in 1992 by the Council of Higher Education of Puerto Rico. This inter-departmental program provides students with a core curriculum followed by advanced courses and a research dissertation leading to a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Biomedical Sciences. Students gain a general knowledge of the basic sciences including Histology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Physiology. The PhD is awarded after the successful completion of coursework, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation defense of an original research project in a particular field, such as Neuroscience, AIDS, Endometriosis, Asthma, Aging, and Gastrointestinal Physiology.

The Iván G. Vidal-González Fellowship has been created to provide financial support for graduate students in the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences at PSM. The fellowship extends Iván's own mission of raising funds to support graduate research through profits from vending machine and barbecue sales on the PSM campus. The goal of our fundraising efforts is $200,000. Dividends from this fund will provide a renewable fellowship of approximately $10,000 per year, which will fund tuition and research support for one student for one year.

The Iván G. Vidal-González Fellowship is registered as a not-for-profit corporation with the government of Puerto Rico (Dpto. de Hacienda #BS 66-0682688). All donations are tax exempt from both U.S. Federal Income Tax and Puerto Rico state tax (see http://www.psm.edu/ivanvidalfoundation/Home.html for more information).

To donate, please send personal checks and money orders to the Iván G. Vidal-González Foundation, Inc., and mail to:

Iván G. Vidal-González Memorial Fellowship Fund
P.O. Box 8735
Ponce, PR 00732