SACNAS Genome Scholars Program (re-opened application)

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Genome Scholars will receive $25,000 for one year of support. Support will be provided for the first-year of graduate school in genomics/bioinformatics. In addition, SACNAS will support Genome Scholars to attend the 2007 SACNAS National Conference and one additional genomics/bioinformatics conference. Eligibility All applicants must meet the following requirements Hold current SACNAS membership (or become a new SACNAS member) Intend to or currently pursuing graduate education in Genomics (In genomics we include: ethical, legal, and/or social implications of genomic research; computational biology as it relates to genomics, bioengineering as it relates to genomics) Be U.S. citizen or permenant resident of the U.S. All applicants must meet one of the following criteria Graduating senior or baccalaureate that has applied to or has been accepted to a graduate program leading to a degree with an emphasis in genomics Currently enrolled in a graduate program with an emphasis in genomics Completing an MS degree and applying to a Ph. D. program in a Genomic field Due to additional funding, the GENOME Fellowship application is re-opened; we will accept new applications until June 15, 2007. Please visit the Genomics Opportunities section of the SACNAS website for more information and application materials. If you have already applied, your application has been reviewed by the committee. Award announcements will be made at the end of June. Cheers! Meredith Conatti SACNAS PO Box 8526 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 831-459-0170 831-459-0194 fax 877-SACNAS1 toll free