Scientific Publications

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What good would science do if findings, ideas, and experimental designs were not shared with others? Scientists share information in many ways, from making presentations at conferences, to writing books or reviews, but the golden standard for communicating reseach findings with others is the peer-reviewed article. Peer-reviewed articles provide all the important details of an experiment so that it may be properly evaluated and replicated, and the strict process of revision and comments from peers ensures that published information is trust worthy.
Scientists from Puerto Rico and members of CienciaPR frequently publish their findings on peer-reviewed jornals and scholarly publications. However, because of the costs related to scientific publication, many of these articles cannot be accessed by individuals in low resource institutions or by the general public. Here, we aim to provide a view of the most recent scientific publications produced by scientists in Puerto Rico or about the topic of "Puerto Rico" itself.

 Publication Resources on CienciaPR: