CienciaPR member recruited to professorship at HHMI Janelia Farm

This article is reproduced by CienciaPR with permission from the original source.

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Dr. Looger was chosen after a highly competitive selection process from hundreds of other highly qualified applicants. He will head an independent research program at Janelia Farm using his expertise in protein engineering to manipulate neuronal circuits. Dr. Looger is involved in Puerto Rican research and innovation. He has previously visited Puerto Rico as a seminar speaker and, during his visit, established collaborations with multiple scientists in Puerto Rico, including Dr. Joseph Bonaventura at RUM. Accoding to the HHMI site on Janelia Farm, "Janelia Farm represents the boldest steps yet in HHMI's quest to speed the development and application of new tools for transforming the study of biology and medicine." This environment promises to be a great fit for Dr. Looger's innovative vision of protein design and neural circuit manipulation, and CienciaPR wants to congratulate him and wish him many future successes. To read more about Dr. Looger, please visit his CienciaPR profile.