Community Guidelines

Learn the community guidelines of Ciencia Puerto Rico.
Learn the community guidelines of Ciencia Puerto Rico.

Welcome to CienciaPR!

We are a community committed to democratizing access to science, transforming science education and empowering individuals with scientific knowledge. This is possible because we work with solidarity, responsibility, inclusion and collective care, prioritizing access to information and evidence-based actions. Our expectation is that people who participate in our online site and social networks*, act ethically and consistently with these values. In this way we foster an environment of mutual respect and inclusiveness where all people can enjoy Ciencia Boricua.

* Including writing or replying to comments and/or sending direct messages.

We encourage our members and participants to: 

  • Interact in a civil manner.  It is normal for debates to arise with diverse points of view, which can be useful to expand knowledge. Communicate thoughtfully and remember that there are greater opportunities for misunderstandings on digital platforms. 

  • Practice inclusivity. We want to inspire everyone in our community with the excitement of science, especially groups that have historically been excluded. Use inclusive language, for example, by honoring proper pronouns when referring to a person (and if you don't know them ask) and avoiding ableist terms or practices. You can learn more about pronouns and inclusive language from Sombrilla Cuir. Language also sustains racism, which is why we promote the use of anti-racist language that seeks to dismantle an anti-black system. We encourage you to read MPA's Guide to Inclusive and Anti-Racist Language

  • Publish and share content ethically. Misinformation has multiplied on social media, but it is a tool for sharing knowledge. When sharing and posting content use reliable and verifiable sources and give appropriate credit to others for their work.

  • Respect privacy. It is important to safeguard the integrity and privacy of our entire community. Do not share personal information about anyone. This includes photos, physical or postal addresses, phone numbers, contact information or any other content posted without explicit permission. For more details, you can review our privacy policies and practices.

  • Connect with others. In this community there are thousands of people with diverse academic backgrounds, interests and disciplines. Take advantage of it to establish collaborations, mentoring relationships and conversations.

We all deserve to enjoy our community, so we will not allow: 

Racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, or any other discriminatory posts, comments or messages that violate human rights. This includes defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening or illegal material and any content that infringes on the ability of others to enjoy our online community. 

We reserve the right to remove, move or edit any postings that come to our attention that we deem unacceptable or inappropriate, whether for legal or other reasons.

Reporting Violations of these guidelines

Violating the standards of conduct may result in deletion of your membership account and blocking of your account on CienciaPR social networks. Reports of violations of the code of conduct may be directed to and a member of the team will handle the report confidentially. Each report will be handled as an individual case. 

Each social network has its own usage policies. We recommend that if you notice any user violating them by sharing or commenting on content related to CienciaPR that you report it in the respective platform. You can see here to know the process to report users in the different social networks: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Linkedin