For Students

Students during the 1st CienciaPR Educational Symposium


Are you interested in a scientific career? Among our pages you will find information about research and training opportunities, scholarships, funds, and other resources to help support your development as a scientist and acquire the necessary experience to achieve your academic and career goals.

Opportunities for primary and high school students

Find information here about science fairs, summer research opportunities and science camps, science clubs, mentoring programs, and more, all classified by geographic region. This section also includes information about Seeds of Success, a program to engage girls in 7th-9th grade in Puerto Rico with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and develop them into ambassadors of science and innovation in their communities.

Opportunities for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate

If you are interested in a scientific career, or simply if you are curious if a scientific career is for you, summer research opportunities are essential. In this section you can find listings for summer research programs ranked by geographic region and institution.

If you've finished or are finishing undergrad and want research experience before applying to graduate school, check out these post-bac research opportunities.

Opportunities for graduate students

There are a number of mentoring, scholarships, and funding opportunities for graduate students. Find out more here.