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Big Advancements on the Horizons - Enzyme-coated Nanoparticle Medicines

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Hello all, This is the final week of the Summer REU here at University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez, and thus it’s the conclusion of my research to be performed here at the university. During this only two-month program, so many advancements have been made for not only my research project, but also myself as a researcher. I’m extremely proud and happy to say that I’ve been part of one of the prized projects here at UPRM Summer REU with Soft Matter Labs! It’s provided me with very valuable research experience that has allowed me to become a much more confident and independent researcher.

University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez, Summer REU Program

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Hello all,

Welcome to my summer research blog where I'll be keeping all updated on my research adventures and other excursions throughout Puerto Rico!  This summer, I'll be performing research into discovering the characteristics of enzyme - coated Nano particles for 10 weeks researching at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, Chemical Engineering building.  This opportunity has been provided to me through a summer REU program available through Soft Matter Labs at UPRM.  After my research is completed, I plan to spend another two weeks traveling around Puerto Rico to see all those places I've won't have been able to see only on the weekends.

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