Second International Neuroscience Symposium of the IINN


Viernes, 23 febrero 2007 - 9:00am to Domingo, 25 febrero 2007 - 9:00pm


February 23 " 25, 2007 in Natal, Brazil. Distinguished scientists fromaround the world will come together for three days to showcase theamazing achievements of modern brain research, from molecular andcellular neuroscience to systems, behavior and neuroengineering. Aregistration fee will be charged according to the academic status ofparticipants: Undergraduate students: R$ 50,00 until 01/15/2007, laterR$ 100,00. Graduate students: R$ 100,00 until 01/15/2007, later R$200,00. Professionals: R$ 200,00 until 01/15/2007, later R$ 400,00. Each registered participant will be able to submit one scientificabstract for poster presentation during the Symposium. Abstracts mustbe written in English, maximum of 250 words, with a limit of oneabstract per registered first author. Each abstract will be evaluatedby the Organizing Committee of the Symposium, which may accept it ornot. Abstracts must be electronically submitted to email subject line should specify ABSTRACT. We ask participantsto register in advance, and to inform about payment in the same emailused to submit the abstract. Abstract submission until January 15,2007.

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