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Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust

This weekend, the Puerto Rican Legislature approved House Bill 1122 that proposes significant changes in the structure and current governance of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

Now, more than ever, the Trust has to stay focused with all its projects and initiatives. The Trust's work team is committed to fulfilling its mission of investing, facilitating, and developing the capabilities that continuously advance Puerto Rico's economy and the well-being of its citizens through initiatives based on innovation, science, technology and its base Business.

Over the last few years, the Trust has achieved many achievements including: launching the global accelerator Parallel 18, which has involved nearly 100 companies from 15 countries; To establish the Clinical Research Consortium of Puerto Rico, which already links 22 research centers, with 9 contracted studies and 50 active researchers; Created the Puerto Rico Brain Trust for Tropical Disease Research & Prevention, with a group of local and international epidemiologists and physicians whose work allowed a grant of $ 15 million annually for 5 years by the Center for Disease Control of the United States (CDC) to create the Vector Control Unit of Puerto Rico; To implement the Research Grants Program, which in addition to subsidizing over 50 researchers in various strategic sectors, has facilitated the creation of 6 companies and 7 new patents in addition to achieving $ 5 million in investment for additional research; Launch Colmena 66, a program and digital platform that connects the entire business ecosystem of the Island and has achieved over 7,000 connections between entrepreneurs and the resources they need to boost their business; Among many other projects.

"Given the change of vision and governance that is included in this bill, I trust and hope that they continue to support and continue the projects that are already directed towards the good of Puerto Rico," said Ing. Lucy Crespo, Principal Executive Officer of the Trust for Science, Technology and Research of Puerto Rico.