10-week Summer Neuroscience Research Internship Program (Paid)

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Lunes, 14 marzo 2016

Summer Neuroscience Internship Program

UF Department of Neuroscience is hosting a 10 week paid research internship. All students interested in a research career that have not been accepted for post-graduate training are encouraged to apply.

We provide students with housing and a $400 per week stipend. Preference will be given to students majoring in a biomedical-related discipline (for example: psychology, biology, engineering, chemistry, pharmacology, genetics). No previous research training is required.

We provide students with:
- Collaborative training environments with scientific leaders of their fields
- Interdisciplinary and translational research training opportunities
- An opportunity to learn about UF, our Ph.D. programs and the application process
- Guidance and opportunities to build scientific communication skills
- Networking and social events with students and faculty
- Summer housing and a 10 week stipend ($400/week)

The deadline for the Summer Neuroscience Internship Program (SNIP) is March 15, 2015. All application materials must be received by this date.

Please submit the following items to the program email address: SNIP@neuroscience.ufl.edu
- SNIP Application Form
- Transcripts from each college/university attended
- Copy of SAT, ACT, GRS and MCAT scores (whatever is applicable)
- Two (2) letters of recommendation emailed directly from Professors to SNIP@neuroscience.ufl.edu

Details: http://neuroscience.ufl.edu/education/summer-neuroscience-internship-program/



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