Advanced Research Training Courses at CSHL, JAX, MBL

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Advanced research training courses offered by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), Jackson Laboratory (JAX), and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) have a proven track record of augmenting pre- and post-doctoral training to enhance your success in scientific research.  Furthermore, these courses are outstanding opportunities for creating and extending your scientific network.  We invite all to apply, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation.  For many courses, financial assistance is available to offset the costs of tuition, room & board.

CSHL: These courses focus on experimental and data analysis skills in all areas of basic molecular/cell biology, neuroscience, and plant biology.  Courses range in focus from specific technologies and approaches such as Cryoelectron Microscopy and Single Cell Analysis, to model organisms such as Drosophila Neurobiology and Yeast Genomics.  All courses take place in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, and both food and housing are included in the tuition fees.  A full calendar can be found on the CSHL Meetings & Courses website here or contact 

JAX: Mammalian genetics and genomics are the focus of the majority of advanced research courses at JAX. Medical genetics, utilizing mouse models of human disease and cancer genetics are traditional strengths of JAX courses and workshops. Due to the accelerating pace of genomics, JAX rapidly develops and launches innovative programs each year. Our programs are delivered on our Connecticut and Maine research campuses and across the U.S.  A full listing of 2018 programs can be found at courses.jax.orgor contact

MBL: The courses in Woods Hole, Massachusetts on Cape Cod are full immersion, hands-on programs that focus on original research in a variety of topics such as neuroscience, developmental biology, reproduction, computational sciences, microbiology, infectious disease, parasitology and microscopy.  A key feature of these courses is their interdisciplinary nature and access to cutting-edge equipment provided by scientific equipment vendors. A full listing of courses is at or contact