Apply for a summer internship at Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies

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Jueves, 1 marzo 2018

Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies hosts an annual summer internship, supervised by Dr. Susan Carey and Dr. Jesse Snedeker. Interns gain in-depth research experience. You can learn about Dr. Carey and Dr. Snedeker’s current research by reading our website; focusing on publications from our lab members.

What do interns do?
Interns are paired with a graduate-level researcher, based on the intern’s interests, and work on the mentor’s research project(s).Interns gain an in-depth experience in designing, conducting, and/or analyzing a study. Interns: schedule participants, collect data from children and/or adults, transcribe/code data, conduct literature searches, prepare study stimuli, etc. Interns also participate in: Reading Group – Interns discuss 1-2 journal articles, while 1-2 mentors moderate, Lab Meetings – Interns see presentations and participate in discussions, and Presentations – Interns give a “show-and-tell” talk at week 2, and a poster at week 10.

Should I apply?
Undergraduates, or students within 1 year of their graduation, who have: interest in research of language and/or cognitive development, basic computer skills, experience with research methods (especially in psychology or linguistics), confidence in interacting with families (especially in a professional setting), and excellent problem-solving and teamwork skills.

When is it?
The internship is 6/11/2018 to 8/17/2018. We can not accept interns who would start late or leave early. Interns are at lab 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Is this a paid internship?
$1500 funding is available for all interns, but interns pay for their own housing. We recommend subletting, staying in a co-op, or staying with a relative. First, look for funding from your home university. If you are accepted to our program, we will write a letter of support for outside funding. If you do not find funding, we still provide $1500 (paid $150/week). If you find funding less than $1500, we will provide a stipend so you reach $1500 (e.g., if your home University gives you $500, we provide $1000).

Where do I find funding besides the $1500 stipend?
Talk to your: academic advisor(s), student employment office, financial aid office, and/or your other student organizations (e.g. Psi Chi, sorority/fraternity, etc). Harvard Students should apply via the Harvard College Research Program. Read the information here and submit your research proposal to Dr. Carey or Dr. Snedeker by 2/1 to ask for a recommendation.

When do I apply?
The deadline is 12:00 Noon, Eastern Standard Time, March 1st, 2018. For international students, the deadline is January 1, 2018. Please note that the international deadline is ONLY for those who will need a visa sponsored by Harvard. International students attending US universities should apply by the March 1st deadline. We do not read incomplete applications. We will not, under any circumstances, accept late applications. After the applicable deadline, we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

How do I apply?
Complete the application here. (If you have trouble loading, please refresh the page and/or try copying and pasting the URL to a different browser.)

We need the following in .PDF format:

A cover letter
A resume/CV
Transcripts (We do not need official/sealed transcripts!)
2 letters of recommendation, sent directly from your references to our internship email account:

Please direct any questions about the internship to:

Liz Chalmers
Snedeker Lab Manager
1080 William James Hall 33 Kirkland St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Nancy Soja
Carey Lab Manager
1154 William James Hall 33 Kirkland St
Cambridge, MA 02138