¡Attention! GRE and TOEFL Schedule Changes

Imagen de Ilka Rodríguez


If you were scheduled to take the TOEFL or GRE in Puerto Rico, pay attention to the following announcements:

  • All test centers offering the computer-based TOEFL and GRE in Puerto Rico are closed at least until October 22, 2017.
  • Tests up to this date (10/22) have been cancelled. 
  • Students that had a test scheduled during the closed dates should call 1-800-853-6769 to schedule new dates or ask for a reimbursement. People can also contact the test center in Guaynabo (787-706-7620) to monitor when they will restore operations. 
  • Students scheduled to take paper-based tests should call 607-771-7670 to learn if the test is being offered at the scheduled date and time. 



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