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Lunes, 15 febrero 2016

The College of Science and Mathematics at Wright State University (WSU) is actively recruiting qualified and motivated students for our newly launched PhD program in Interdisciplinary Applied Sciences and Mathematics (IASM), housed within the College of Science and Mathematics.  

The IASM Ph.D. program is a cutting-edge educational program with the mission of preparing students for careers requiring both mathematical/computational and scientific backgrounds. Students in this program will tackle today’s exciting research problems that span across multiple scientific disciplines and participate in work involving collaborations with neighboring organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory and internships with local research and development companies. If you are a student, or know one, that seeks to learn how to solve the complex problems that will defined the future of science and math, you should learn more about the WSU IASM Ph.D. program.

The PhD program has three focus areas: Materials and nanoscale science and technology, Modeling and analysis for physical and biological systems, and Computational problems in the physical and biological sciences.  Additional information can be located on our website -, which has an "Apply Now" button.   IASM PhD admissions requirements can be found at:  A current list of IASM Program Faculty is linked to the website or can be found at:  

The deadline for IASM PhD applications for the academic year 2016-2017 is February 15, 2016.  Funding for full-time students provides tuition and a stipend.  Students are supported by fellowships, graduate teaching assistantships, and graduate research assistantships. 

If you need any additional information, please call 937 775 3828 or email me at


K.T.Arasu, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics,

University Professor, Wright State University,

Interim Director, Interdisciplinary Applied Science and Mathematics PhD,

Wright State University,

Dayton, OH 45435,




Phone:  937 775 3828

             937 775 2785



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