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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our program and to inform you of the many benefits our program has to offer you. Our department is one of 14 academic departments at the Baylor College of Medicine; however, I would like to point out the top 10 advantages of applying to the Department of Biochemistry:
1.      Free application fee
2.      Tuition to the Graduate School is covered for all BMB students
3.      Students receive a stipend of $29,000 per year
4.      Students who win outside fellowships receive an additional $3,000 Dean's Award
5.      Medical insurance is covered for all students
6.      One of the best PhD programs in biological sciences in the United States
7.      Collaborative, collegial faculty with wide ranging research interests
8.      Flexible curriculum, with a light load of required core courses and many elective possibilities
9.      Outstanding training not only in research, but also in presentation and career development
10.     Our students generally have their pick of postdoctoral positions at top institutions, and go on to very successful careers in academia or industry.
The most successful applicants have a GPA above 3.0 and GRE scores above the 70th percentile, and if required, either a TOEFL score better than 100 on the online exam. Prior research experience, either in a summer program or part-time during school, is also important preparation for graduate school.  We accept about 8 applicants a year.  Out of the 8 applicants about 2-3 are international students.
I urge you to visit our departmental website at  Our department Chair is Dr. Theodore Wensel.
It is an exciting time to join our department! Please be sure to check us out on Facebook
The deadline to apply is January 1, 2014.



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