Graduate Student Position UPR-RP Landscape Ecology

Imagen de Carla Restrepo


The Tropical Large-scale Ecology Lab ( in the Department of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras campus has a graduate position to support a M.Sc., preferably a Ph.D. student, starting in August of 2010. The application deadline for our graduate program is December 4 2009 (International Students) and January 29 2010 (US Students). We are looking for a highly motivated and independent student interested in conducting his/her research on the large-scale ecology of landslides and by doing so, exploring linkages between Ecology and Geomorphology. The student will be participating in a NSF-funded project aimed at elucidating the role of landsliding on the carbon cycle in Central America, and as part of his/her duties will help generate, manage, and analyze GIS and remotely sensed data. We expect the student to develop a research project that takes advantage of these resources. Our project has the potential to provide a deep understanding of the large-scale dynamics of mountainscapes that can inform management, conservation, and hazard studies. Interested students should have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in biology, ecology, forestry or closely related fields. Strong technical background in GIS and spatial analysis techniques are desirable. Knowing Spanish (English speakers) or English (Spanish speakers) is a plus since courses at UPR-RP are taught in both languages and field work will be conducted in Guatemala. The Tropical Large-Scale Ecology Lab in the Department of Biology ( of the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras campus ( seeks to address a variety of questions pertaining the structure, functioning, and management of tropical landscapes. The Department of Biology together with the Institute of Tropical Ecosystem Studies and the recently created program in Environmental Studies offers unique opportunities for students interested in tropical ecosystems. Please visit UPR-RP’s Graduate Studies Admission webpage ( as well as the Department of Biology Graduate Program web page ( to learn about admission requirements and deadlines. The application deadline to start graduate studies in August of 2010 is December 4 2009 (International Students) and January 29 2010 (US Students). There are possibilities for joining the project before the semester starts. Interested applicants are encouraged to send an e-mail stating their interest in this position and conducting studies at UPR-RP and send a resume to: Dr. Carla Restrepo (