Interested in participating in a study about the beaches of Puerto Rico

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Nota: Notar que este estudio tiene version en espanol. Buscar mensaje anterior en esta seccion de Foros. Information about the study about beaches in Puerto Rico My name is Aixa Aleman-Diaz. Currently I am a doctoral student at Rutgers University. If you are interested, you can participate as a volunteer to complete a short survey as part of a graduate course in my doctoral program. The questions are divided into 2 short surveys that you can access and respond on the internet at Survey 1 Survey 2 On Survey 1, complete the questions divided in three sections: questions about you, general information. On Survey 2, complete one section with questions about what you know of the beaches of Puerto Rico. If you want to contact me, please email me at If you want to obtain the results from this study, please send a message to my email with your contact information (name, email, phone and/or address). Thanks for your attention and your participation!


Imagen de Aixa Aleman-Diaz

My name is Aixa Aleman-Diaz. I understand that there are have been some problems when trying to access the links to complete the online surveys. If you are interested, please contact me by email to receive the surveys by email and complete them and send them back to me by email. I apologize for the inconvenience! Also, for your information I will include the questions below. Questions about you Were you born in Puerto Rico? Yes ___ No ____ Did you reside permanently for the first 18 years in Puerto Rico? Yes ___ No ____ How old are you? Please select the one that best describe your age. 18 years or under _______ 18-25 years old _______ 26-35 years old _______ 36-45 years old ________ 46-55 years old ________ 56-65 years old ________ 65 years old or more________ General Information 1-Do you believe that beaches are an important element in your daily life? Yes ___ No ____ 1a. Explain why yes or why no ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- How many times per month do you visit for at least 1 hour the beach for recreation or leisure? None ________ 1-2 times ________ 3-4 times ________ 7-15 times ________ 16-30 times ________ 31-50 times ________ 51-80 times ________ More than 81 times ________ Other_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2a. When? Please you can select more than one alternative. Winter (December-February ________ Spring (March-May) ________ Summer (June-August) ________ Fall (September-November) ________ General questions 3-Do you know what does public access to a beach means? Yes ___ No ____ 3a. If your answer is YES, what do you mean? Access (or lack of) access ________ Civil rights _________ 4. Do you know if there are existing rights or laws for public access to the beach in Puerto Rico? Yes ___ No ____ 4a. If you do understand that there are existing rights or laws for public access to the beach, what is your understanding of the rights for public access to beaches? Or how do you define them? General ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individual/Personal ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Corporate/Development/Coastal Development. etc ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you know about the beaches of Puerto Rico? 5. What is the percent (%) of Puerto Ricos’ coast that you consider as adequate for the use as beaches? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. How many beaches Puerto Rico have? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Is Puerto Rico an archipelago? Yes ___ No ____ 7a. If your answer is YES, please indicate how many islands are. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. How many beaches have physical development and/or recreational infrastructure for beach users? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________