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Hello, Currently I’m a med student at Dominican Republic; I will love to make my own investigation in the medicine area. The best thing is... "I don’t know what should I investigate", How can I get grants for an investigation? How can I publish my investigation? If someone can help me I will be more thankfully!! Thanks! Charlie


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Charlie, You should search the academic institution where you are studying or some institutions nearby and find out about their research programs. In many universities the faculty have their own research programs or laboratories and can give you more information about what opportunities may be available for you. Biomedical research is very extensive and thus there are many options. You should start by looking into which subjects interest you the most. You can probably look into which classes you like the most as a starting point, or maybe think about where you want to take your career in the next few years. In terms of grants, that depends on what system the Dominican Republic has to fund scientific research. Usually countries have state or federal funded grants, where research scientists submit proposals to funding agencies to get their investigations funded. There are also private institutions or non-profit organizations that award research grants. Probably talking to a research scientist in your institution could give you a better idea of how this is done in your area. Good luck, Monica